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The Beginning

So, today is the day.  I have been thinking about this blog for a long time and about this business that is still in dream form.  Now, where to begin???…

The Yarn Stand is to begin as a mobile yarn shop in Bismarck/Mandan, North Dakota. It will be a cool truck present at the local farmers markets and in the down town areas.  It will also be available for private parties/gatherings and by appointment shopping.  We will provide hand crafted yarns from the United States hopefully many from North Dakota and nearby states to be “Locally” sourced as well as specialty fibers.  I will teach classes on knitting and beginner crochet and find other local artists for classes on Spinning and other fiber arts.  The Yarn Stand will also carry high quality needles and supplies, books and magazines as well.  I can’t wait to share this journey with everyone and begin this dream store on wheels.